Common Injuries that Result in SSD Claims

Social Security Disability attorneys help you obtain the care you need

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has developed a useful listing of impairments that automatically meet the agency’s definition of disability. Submitting evidence that proves you have a specified injury or illness satisfies one of the primary Social Security Disability (SSD) requirements. If your condition is not listed, you may still qualify for disability benefits, but must prove additional elements.

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Back and spinal injuries

Back injuries can severely limit your ability to perform many types of work. Even sitting at a desk may create excruciating and debilitating pain. In addition, a motion-restricting injury or use of pain medications may cause dangerous circumstances in some jobs — especially in construction, industry or agriculture. Paralysis, disc herniation and spinal fractures fit neatly into SSA’s disability categories. We can help you show how other conditions — including scoliosis, sciatica and repetitive stress injuries — can result in the level of disability required for SSD benefits.

SSD claim injuries happen at any age in Grand Rapids

Unfortunately, many people believe that Social Security only helps senior citizens. Although retirement payments are a significant aspect of the government program, the agency also provides crucial benefits for very young adults and children with disabilities. Debilitating injuries and illnesses can occur at any age and deprive eager workers of the opportunity to earn a living. If you have suffered an injury or have a serious medical condition, our Grand Rapids disability attorneys can advise you about the options available.

Grand Rapids attorneys can discuss SSD benefits and injuries

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