Se Habla Espanol

Providing excellent legal service to all persons in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area requires excellent communication.  To that effect, at SchroderLaw, we are proud to assist clients, regardless of which language they speak.  If you are looking for a Bilingual Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids, you’ve come to the right place!



Here at Schroder Law we are committed to helping our Michigan clients regardless of what language they speak.  Over half of the staff is bilingual in Spanish and English.  For other languages, when necessary, we work closely with translators.  This means your case will receive top-quality representation no matter what your ability to speak the English Language is.



Aqui a Schroder Law, nosotros preocupamos a assistir nos clientes: sin importar el idioma que hablen.   Una mayoría del personal es bilingüe en español e Inglés.  Para otras idiomas, Cuando es necesario, trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con los traductores.



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